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Sports Bar

Ah, the modern sports bar. The place where friends congregate, share food and beverages, and scream at giant televisions. What keeps bringing people back? Is it the themed menu? The drink specials? The energetic and friendly wait staff? No matter what the attraction is, failing to show the right games on the right screens will send your customers fleeing to your competition faster than fans in the bleachers following after a foul ball. Enter the one-touch control for your entertainment offerings. No longer will the bartenders have to hunt for the remote. Touch screen that is always right there where you expect it to be. Need to change the channel in section four, but don't want to deal with pointing the remote at one satellite box in a stack of ten? Individual controls for each TV and source can be custom programmed to make it all seamless.
Network Video Solutions

Whether you are looking for a video surveillance solution to secure the safety of people and places, or to remotely monitor property and facilities, Carter Custom Sound can meet your needs.
Light Control

You can get started with a In-wall networked keypad and control your interior and exterior lighting with the same URC remote that you use to change channels and adjust sound volume.
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